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Book Recommendation: Closer to the Ground

In honor of Earth Day, today I'm sharing a recommendation for an Earth-related book I just finished reading. Closer to the Ground, by Dylan Tomine, is a memoir about his family's life "on the water, in the woods, and at the table."

Urban Farming Toolkit: Building a Raised Bed — Part 2

I'm working on my latest garden project -- installing a raised vegetable bed.

Urban Farming Toolkit: Building a Raised Bed — Part 1

Now that I've done my initial spring cleaning in the garden, I'm ready to tackle my next project: building a raised bed.

The 2014 Locavore Index

Among the growing trends in food these days is the desire to eat locally-grown food, also known as locavorism. Locavores choose to eat locally for a variety of reasons, including lessening the impact on the environment, supporting small farms, boosting the local economy, and improving the taste and nutritional value of the food they consume.

What’s Happening in the Garden: First Spring Planting

After the early spring clean up of our garden, I'm eager to get some plants into the ground. There are some crops that are frost-tolerant and in fact thrive in cooler months, so I focus on those first.

Urban Farming Toolkit: The Windowbox

There are many great things about living in Arlington, Virginia. Having a lot of space is not one of them.


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