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Garden to Kitchen: Broccoli w. Parmesan & Pine Nuts

One of the cool season crops I love most is broccoli. Years ago -- before I knew better -- I attempted to grow it in the middle of summer, and I couldn't understand why it bolted and grew flowers instead of a head of broccoli.

What’s Happening in the Garden: First Spring Harvest

It's been a great month in the garden -- plenty of sun, plenty of water -- and the early crops are growing beautifully. This is a particularly lovely time of year to be out in the garden -- before the humidity and bugs take over.

Katie’s Garden: Containers & Kids

We love working with all kinds of clients -- each has their own story and garden dreams, and it's rewarding to help make those dreams a reality.

What’s Happening in the Garden: Second Spring Planting

We put our early season crops into the ground last month, and they're coming along beautifully. We've been eating our spinach and lettuces already, and enjoying some cold-hardy herbs (rosemary and thyme).

Pesticides, Produce & The 2014 Dirty Dozen

Yesterday the Environmental Working Group released its annual report, the 2014 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce, which aims to help people eat healthy and reduce their exposure to pesticides.

Window Bird House: April Update

It's official. Our birdhouse has become a home!


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