The Garden Checklist: May

The past couple months we’ve been sowing our early-season crops, and now we’re fully into summer growing season! Here’s what to do now to keep your veggie garden growing and maximize your summer harvest:

What’s Happening in the Garden: April

They say April showers bring May flowers, but here at Sprout we like to say April showers bring fruit and veggies! Now that we are about a month into Spring and the weather is warming up, our urban farm is starting to take shape.

The Garden Checklist: April

For the past month we’ve been doing our post-winter clean up and preparing our soil for our veggies. Now comes the fun part — planting! Here’s some important stuff to know and do right now to for a bountiful harvest all summer:

Bonnie’s Garden: Containers & Wildlife

I am lucky to be working with one of my favorite people on her garden this season — my mom! Bonnie has experience growing her own veggies — tomatoes, squash, okra — but it was years ago, and so she was feeling a bit uncertain about how to get her garden going again.

The Vegetable Garden Life Cycle

Sometimes it can be hard to know when to plant and when to harvest different vegetables, which can make gardening seem complex and overwhelming. But it’s actually simpler than you might think.