Bonnie’s Garden: Containers & Wildlife

I am lucky to be working with one of my favorite people on her garden this season — my mom! Bonnie has experience growing her own veggies — tomatoes, squash, okra — but it was years ago, and so she was feeling a bit uncertain about how to get her garden going again.

Window Bird House: March Update

Last winter my son and I built a window bird house, which was a great parent/child project to do together. We were excited about the potential, as we hung the house on our window and waited for new neighbors to arrive.

Kids’ Garden Activity: Build a Window Bird House

Winter is a great time of year to work on non-planting projects, especially this winter in Virginia where the snow just keeps on comin’. And birdhouses are a simple and fun thing to do with kids right now, as birds are starting to prepare nests in anticipation of spring babies.