Organic Edible Gardens: Grow Your Own Veggies

 Whether you’re dreaming of a backyard farm of raised beds, or a container garden on your balcony, Sprout can make it happen.   We help folks build and grow their own kitchen gardens, providing fresh, organic produce within an arm’s reach.


How it works:  During our complimentary consultations, we’ll listen to your ideas, discuss options, and assess your space.  Then we provide a proposal with our recommendations for your kitchen garden, and when you’re ready, we bring your urban farm to life.  That might mean building a raised garden bed, selecting the crops best suited for your garden, or amending the soil to create optimal growing conditions.  And we share our knowledge throughout the process, so you learn how to make your garden thrive.


We currently grow gardens in Northern Virginia, and we’re comfortable growing in tight quarters – so don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space — we can always find a way to grow veggies!

I’ve been trying to get a veggie garden going in my patio for years, but just couldn’t make it work… In came Sprout to the rescue! My family enjoyed all sorts of fresh veggies – and blueberries! – all spring, summer and fall long. It’s December, and I still have tomatoes on my vines I’ve been using for cooking. Rebecca and Sprout made it so much easier and less intimidating to get our garden growing, and I learned so much in the process to use in future years. Before Sprout came along, I was going to give up on our garden, now I can’t wait for next year!Michelle W., Arlington

Cooking Parties: Enjoy a night of good food among good friends

Sprout brings the goodness of the garden to the kitchen — we grow, we eat, we love. Our cooking parties bring that goodness to your kitchen. We lead the way, and you cook and learn alongside us.


How it works: You invite 6-10 of your friends to your kitchen for an evening of cooking, eating and merriment. Sprout creates a seasonal tasting menu featuring garden-fresh produce (think tomatoes in June and butternut in October), and all the ingredients and supplies. We provide simple cooking guidance, and assist you and your friends while you prepare several of the menu courses. Then we clean up while you relax and enjoy the evening.

Working with Sprout was a pure joy. It was obvious from the beginning that Rebecca has a passion for what she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious! Sprout did it all, from preparing the soil to planting every little plant and seedling with great care. She also took meticulous notes and recorded all of the details of our garden at the beginning and end of the growing season. I learned so much from her gardening expertise. My whole family enjoyed caring for the vegetables, watching them grow and, most importantly, eating them! We cannot wait to try to grow even more new plants this spring. Thanks to Sprout, gardening is actually fun again!Katie R., Alexandria

Commercial Spaces: Bring the farm to your restaurant or rooftop

Are you a restaurant, loft or condo, or hotel? We can work with you to design and grow an on-site organic urban farm. Whether it’s an herb wall or a full rooftop, we’ll create a design that meets your needs and appeals to your clients.

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